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Construction is a tough business, mainly because it involves so many different businesses coming together for a job. Your construction site is filled with contractors from all kinds of businesses coming and going, and the work can drag on for a long time. Along with all of these people comes another set of guests–pests. You never know what you’ll uncover when you dig, and you never know what you’ll attract when you build. Upturned earth, piles of lumber and regular, everyday refuse can make your site a magnet for pests that can undermine the quality of your work.

Construction sites are targets for insects, rodents and birds


Anytime you dig, you make a mess. Insects that were hidden underground can attack workers and spread disease. mud and puddles can be breeding grounds for mosquitoes and black flies. And any mess can draw rats and birds, looking for free meals. These are the kind of infestations that can slow down your work and fail government inspections.


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We handle every job to industry standards and aim to provide 100% customer satisfaction. We have many different pest control Adelaide packages for residential, commercial, home, and business clients. Feel free to contact Brilliant Pest Control to get a free quote or call us for more information about our services.

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